For Some Background (Adam)

My names Adam. I’m 23 years old. I grew up in Boston, yes actually in the city limits not just somewhere in Mass, and no fortunately or not I do not have an accent. It’s there in “the far north” that I learned my love for harsh winters that freeze you to the bone and a variant of ice skating we in the New England area like to call skiing. While it will always be my homeland when college came around it was time for a change. I moved out to Washington state and it was here in the perpetual grey that I found my real love for the outdoors. My family’s version of vacation was weekends down on Cape Cod (every Bostonians little slice of heaven) at the beach. But here under the graceful watch of mount Rainier I found the serenity and magic of backpacking. Getting out of the hustle of life for a while stirred something in me and since then I’ve had an insatiable desire to explore.

OG snowboard steeze circa 2013

Through college that desire to explore grew and shaped itself through my discovery of a new love. Motorcycles. It all started as my desire for my own wheels to get around. Motorcycles seemed like a great cheap way to get myself there. Yeah sure it rains all the time but learn to ride in the rain and you can ride anywhere? For the record while I 100% advocate that everyone try the thrill of 2 wheels and an engine at some point in their life if you ever think you’re doing to save money you’re joking yourself. 4 and a half years and 7 bikes later I can honestly admit it’s an obsession.

Starting on weekends I’d take trips out to mountain roads on my little ninja 250. Exploring on day trips was great but once I knew the 150 mile radius around my campus I knew it was time to combine these loves and start Motocamping. As many weekends at it wasn’t pouring and in that blissful 3 month vacation college students get I’d work but always make time for some big trip whether it was down through California, out to Utah deserts, or through the Rockies out to…Michigan?

Through these motocamping trips and some epic spring break camping trips I’ve fortunate enough to see a good chunk of the western half of the US.
It was also during these years in college that I met my better half and long term copilot or adventure Athena. She taught me the value of embracing your weird, that a 12 hour drive to get somewhere pretty ain’t nothin, and how amazing it is to have a best friend, partner in crime, occasional nudge, and someone to right you on your path with you everywhere you go. 4 and a half years strong and she’s not sick of me yet!
After I graduated with a degree in Geology and Economics we decided to get out of the rain and head south to Athena’s homeland and land of 75° and sunny, San Diego. My first thought…365 riding season and no SoCal traffic for me. Yes and no. I got a job working as a staff geophysicist for a small family run business which had me working 60+ hour weeks traveling all over Southern California. So my riding season was confined to 4am commutes to the office followed by a few hours a day in company vans on the gridlock called the 405. But I was working outside, with a new “office” everyday and making decent money for my work.

EM-61 Surveys by San Diego Bay. Not every job site was 100º in the desert


Yet somehow Athena and I still managed to find time on the weekends to explore and enjoy the many breweries of San Diego and still get out to see the mostly desert surroundings. But we both knew San Diego wasn’t the end goal. A great pit stop but we had our sights set on something else. Some good ole fashion travelcation (a personally trademarked combination of travel, education and vacation #travelcation) abroad. We budgeted and figure out if we worked hard, kept our fun to a reasonable level and had our eyes on the prize we could work a year and save up for a trip to every young backpackers dream South East Asia SEA.

So began the plan, well lack there of really. A route was roughly sketched out and one way plane tickets purchased. Beyond that it’ll be a week by week adventure. One year from touching down in San Diego we’ve both taken a break from careers before they started to consume us and are ready to start the next chapter of adventures. With a savings account ready to be drained and no definitive reason to come back we’re on our way. So follow along if youd like to see what two silly minimally experienced world travelers discover along the way. Because really… WHY NOT ROAM?


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